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Yes! We are proud to say that all our products are tested and have passed all government mandatory KEBS inspections.

We go the extra mile to ensure we only source from reputable suppliers and manufacturers that provide the highest grade of products. This is the difference between buying from BTL and cheap low quality products that are filling the market.

We do not compromise on quality and safety!


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Buying an item that you haven’t owned in the past can be a tricky and sometimes confusing task. That’s why Barbeques Today have appointed highly trained staff to assist you make the right decision. You may also visit the BBQ Buying Guide to get a better idea of what might suit you best.

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Surprisingly, it has little to do with the fuel you use. Many people believe you need wood or charcoal to have a real barbecue, but the experts definitely disagree. It’s a simple three step process.

  • Food cooks on the open grill.
  • Juices fall onto the flame or coals below.
  • The juices burn or evaporate, sending flavour filled vapour back up to the food where it came from.

In other words, it’s the vaporizing of the cooking juices, not just the smoke from the fuel that does the trick.

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Indirect Cooking – Far More Versatile

Indirect cooking is where the heat circulates around the food, cooking by convection. Little or no heat is directly underneath the food. This method of cooking applies only if you have a roasting hood.

Indirect cooking is similar to an oven and is recommended for rotisserie cooking, roasts, poultry, casseroles, vegetables and whole fish.

The indirect method of cooking can also be used to cook such items as thick meat and fish steaks that have been quickly seared on the grill by the direct method (to seal in the natural juices) then completed by the indirect method. The golden key to success in indirect barbecue cooking is to take your time and cook slowly. Firstly pre-heat the BBQ as previously described, then:

  • If your BeefEater has 2 burners – turn both burners down fractionally below medium
  • If your BeefEater has 3 burners – turn the central burner off and reduce the two outside burners to medium
  • If your BeefEater has 4 burners – turn the two inside burners off and reduce the two outside burners to medium
  • If your BeefEater has 5 burners – turn the three inside burners off, leave one outside burner on high and reduce the other outside burner to medium.

Now raise the hood and place the food on the unlit, centre portion(s) of the cooking surface. If you are cooking a roast, it is a good idea to use the special BeefEater roast holder which not only keeps the meat away from the heat source, but sits neatly into a baking tray. This is essential in the case of the 2-burner barbecue where the meat tray will be sitting over direct heat.


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Direct Cooking – The Simple Alternative

There are two different ways to cook on a barbecue – Direct or Indirect. As the name implies, Direct Cooking is where the heat or flame is directly under the food being cooked.

Direct cooking on the hot plate (griddle)

The plate or griddle is ideal for cooking foods that contain a great deal of fat, such as sausages and hamburgers that are either very small, thin, or hard to control on the open grill, such as bacon strips, tomatoes, thin steaks, some fish fillets, or pineapple etc that would traditionally be cooked on a fry pan, such as onions, pancakes, pizza, flapjacks, or eggs.

It is advisable to cook all foods on the plate (griddle) slowly and on a moderate or medium heat. This helps to retain the foods natural juices and consequently flavour. If the heat is too high, your food could be cooked, or even burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. Remember, it is the heat in the plate that cooks the food, rather than the flame below. As such the plate will retain the heat for some time after the flame is reduced – so make allowances for this when cooking.

You can cook using the direct method with the hood up, or down – the choice depends upon the taste you are trying to achieve. But remember, if you do prefer to cook with the roasting hood down, never cook with the burners on high. Best results can be achieved by keeping the burners on low to medium heat within the desired cooking area.

If you are cooking without a hood, or with the hood in the open position, heat will be lost, therefore you can use any burner configuration that suits the recipe, or your personal taste.

Direct cooking on the grill

This method of barbecuing is probably the most common Australian method of barbecuing meat, chops and steak, for the food retains the true barbecue taste and flavour. Generally thinner cuts of meat, fish and poultry that cook fast, are more successful with this form of cooking, whereas thicker cuts are best cooked by the indirect method, or a combination of both.

Firstly, lightly oil the grill before lighting the BBQ. Then pre-heat and when the BBQ is hot, place the food directly on the grill to quickly sear it and seal in the flavour and juices.

If your BeefEater has a roasting hood, there are a number of ways you can combine both direct and indirect cooking. You can quickly sear both sides of your food on the grill, then transfer the food to a non-lit portion of the BBQ, lower the hood and continue cooking in an indirect manner.

Or, you can leave your food cooking over the lit grill and lower the hood. However, it is advisable to reduce the flame so that the convection heat created within the hood can complete the cooking process. Because this method of cooking circulates the heat, there is less need to turn the food.

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Yes. All deliveries will be made using a reliable delivery company such as G4S or Wells Fargo. You will be informed of this when placing your order.

Please contact us for a quote or more information.

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Barbeques Today will strive to deliver all goods within a minimum of 2 working days to all areas within Nairobi. You may alternatively request to collect the goods directly from our warehouse.

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Kiss rusty cooktops goodbye. Ours are made from porcelain enamel coated cast-iron, one of the toughest coatings available and one of the easiest to keep clean.

Porcelain enamel provides a hard, lustrous finish that won’t scratch, corrode, fade or peel with normal use

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You can purchase a LPG gas cylinder from most local petrol stations in Kenya. There’s several brands to choose from and probably best to go with one that is most easily accessible to you.

You also have to keep in mind the type of regulator you have as not all sizes and brands might be compatible. For example, if you have a regulator for a Total 13kg cylinder, that will not most likely be compatible with a smaller cylinder or one from another brand.

We would advice you to take the regulator with you, if possible, so you can buy the right cylinder.

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Barbeques Today Ltd., is a duly registered company that goes the extra length to source the best outdoor products in a one stop shop.

Ever felt unappreciated by your local retailer or service provider?

Barbeques Today promises to provide you with the best customer service experience and returns policy in Kenya. We appreciate your business and hence, backup all our products with a quality guarantee like no other.

Barbeques Today understands the needs of Kenyan’s and undertakes regular evaluation of our products of make sure they meet the stringent measures to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Barbeques Today caters for those living in high-rise apartments, houses, businesses, clubs and restaurants.


Our products do not only play the part, but they look the part too. The beautifully styled products will make your outdoors the talk of the town…


All Barbeques Today products are designed and built with cutting edge technology. This hence puts them at the top of the range and leaders in their class…


Backed up with a quality guarantee, each of our products will serve you for many years to come. You can rest assured that your barbeque will fire up first time every time! If you have ever owned a barbeque or are looking at buying one, you will need to ensure it offers real grunt, superior performance, will not rust and will last you a lifetime.

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Even Heat Distribution

One of the problems with most barbeques is that they do not produce even heat on the cooking surface. This areas are usually refered to as cold spots. Cold spots reduce your cooking surface by sometimes as much as half.

BeefEater barbeques use the latest cutting edge technology to ensure that heat is distributed evenly around the cooking surface that be a grill or hot plate. BeefEater use thermal imaging to ensure that any cold spots on the grill or plate have been eliminated. Any areas with less heat have purposely been designed to ensure you have the flexibility of cooking certain meats or food that require less cooking time and heat on those areas.

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Rust Free Cooktops

• Porcelain coated cast iron distribute and hold the heat like cast iron, but much easier to clean and looking new

BeefEater’s ‘Rust Free’ cooktops are available as standard, throughout the entire range of ‘Signature’ series barbecues. With RF technology, rusty cooktops are a thing of the past. ‘RF Technology’ uses porcelain enamel, one of the toughest, most durable cooking surface coatings available.

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Quartz Start Technology

• Automatic ignition on every burner

• Separate gas jet ignites burners – no delay

• Needs no adjusting Quartz Start Ignition

The innovative BeefEater ‘Quartz Start’ ignition system is built into the gas control of every burner to provide longer component life and trouble free starting. The ‘Quartz Start’ ignition pin is coated with titanium, an extremely hard, ultra light metal, to provide a cleaner, more positive spark. And, with ‘Quartz Start’ technology there are no cumbersome push buttons and there are no batteries to replace, ever!

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Vaporizer® Bars are designed to prevent juices from building up, by causing them to spread out and evaporate faster. More of the flavour from the cooking juices finds its way back to the food instead of falling through to the drip tray, or building up and burning in a full flame.

A roasting hood makes it even better

By trapping the vapour inside an “outdoor oven”, the cooking vapour will fall back on the food on all sides, not just from underneath. The food stays moist while it’s cooking.

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Flame tamers (also referred to as Vaporizer bar) provide better heat distribution, controlled cooking and react quicker to the heat controls.

How the flame tamer works: 

1.     The burner heats up the flame tamer underneath the grill, which in turn heats the food on the grill.

2.     The natural food juices produced during cooking fall onto the hot flame tamer below and vaporise.

3.     The subsequent rising smoke bastes the food, as it travels upwards, imparting that unique barbecued flavour.

Note: More even cooking of food will be achieved by using the BBQ with the hood down.  This should only be done with the burners on low.

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Product Support

Yes. Barbeques Today stocks parts for all products in our range.

What details do I need to provide?

You will need to provide us with the type of barbeque, model number and the exact part that you require.

Contact Us to find out if we have the part in stock.

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Please refer to our Returns Policy or contact us for more information.

Please note that you must return the product to the original store where it was bought. All retailers have different return policies so please check with them directly.

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Please contact us immediately you realise that there’s an issue with your barbecue or any other product. Seize using the product immediately to avoid any further damage and prevent any harm to yourself.

All warranty claims will be processed inline with manufacturers guidelines. Any faults that are as a result of misuse and not following manufacturers recommendations will be rejected.

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