What is indirect cooking?

Indirect Cooking – Far More Versatile

Indirect cooking is where the heat circulates around the food, cooking by convection. Little or no heat is directly underneath the food. This method of cooking applies only if you have a roasting hood.

Indirect cooking is similar to an oven and is recommended for rotisserie cooking, roasts, poultry, casseroles, vegetables and whole fish.

The indirect method of cooking can also be used to cook such items as thick meat and fish steaks that have been quickly seared on the grill by the direct method (to seal in the natural juices) then completed by the indirect method. The golden key to success in indirect barbecue cooking is to take your time and cook slowly. Firstly pre-heat the BBQ as previously described, then:

  • If your BeefEater has 2 burners – turn both burners down fractionally below medium
  • If your BeefEater has 3 burners – turn the central burner off and reduce the two outside burners to medium
  • If your BeefEater has 4 burners – turn the two inside burners off and reduce the two outside burners to medium
  • If your BeefEater has 5 burners – turn the three inside burners off, leave one outside burner on high and reduce the other outside burner to medium.

Now raise the hood and place the food on the unlit, centre portion(s) of the cooking surface. If you are cooking a roast, it is a good idea to use the special BeefEater roast holder which not only keeps the meat away from the heat source, but sits neatly into a baking tray. This is essential in the case of the 2-burner barbecue where the meat tray will be sitting over direct heat.


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