Why Choose BTL?

Barbeques Today Ltd., is a duly registered company that goes the extra length to source the best outdoor products in a one stop shop.

Ever felt unappreciated by your local retailer or service provider?

Barbeques Today promises to provide you with the best customer service experience and returns policy in Kenya. We appreciate your business and hence, backup all our products with a quality guarantee like no other.

Barbeques Today understands the needs of Kenyan’s and undertakes regular evaluation of our products of make sure they meet the stringent measures to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Barbeques Today caters for those living in high-rise apartments, houses, businesses, clubs and restaurants.


Our products do not only play the part, but they look the part too. The beautifully styled products will make your outdoors the talk of the town…


All Barbeques Today products are designed and built with cutting edge technology. This hence puts them at the top of the range and leaders in their class…


Backed up with a quality guarantee, each of our products will serve you for many years to come. You can rest assured that your barbeque will fire up first time every time! If you have ever owned a barbeque or are looking at buying one, you will need to ensure it offers real grunt, superior performance, will not rust and will last you a lifetime.

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